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Beyran CS Restaurant

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the restaurant industry in Azerbaijan, Beyran CS is here with our renewed interface. We prepare even more delicious foods with our much more energetic team than before.


2. Our Branch

Beyran CS Beyti House

Turkish style dishes. You can find Kebab, Lahmacun, Chicken Doner and many more Turkish cuisine in our Beyran CS Beyti House restaurant. We are waiting for you for Turkish food at affordable prices. Delicious Turkish dishes from the hands of our master Fadik Cenkçi.

With Delicious Recipe
Beyran Soup

You will be enchanted by our delicious and fabulous local products. Come by us for breakfast, lunch, coffee break or dinner at any time of the day.


Our Featured Meals

Believing in the unifying power of taste, Beyran CS; carries the culture of the food and the history of taste in its heart. Have you ever tasted the dishes we chose for our restaurant?



Organization and business lunches


We offer your favorite dishes.

Beyran CS

Our Menu

We welcome our guests with our rich menu that offers suitable alternatives for every hour of the day.

Beyran CS

Master Chefs

We continue to serve our guests with different tastes from world cuisine prepared with our unique presentations in our modern and comfortable restaurant.

Excellent Turkish Food.

Turkish cuisine is the national cuisine of Turkey. The Turkish Cuisine of the Republican Period, which is the heir of the Ottoman culture, was influenced by the Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Take a
tea break

Enjoy relaxing with our delicious treats accompanied by hot tea. It also goes well with a nice dessert. Attentive service, friendly staff, reasonable prices and tastes await you at Beyran CS.

Beyran CS Beyti House

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