Baklava: The Sweet Symphony of Turkey

Few desserts capture the essence of a culture as Baklava does for Turkey. Layers upon layers of flaky pastry, interspersed with nuts and drenched in sweet syrup, Baklava is a testament to the finesse of Turkish confectionery.

Beyran CS introduces Baku to this sweet symphony with utmost authenticity. The choice of nuts, often a blend of walnuts and pistachios, determines its texture and flavor. But the real magic lies in the paper-thin sheets of pastry, skillfully layered to achieve the perfect crunch.

Each piece of Baklava at Beyran CS is a labor of love, baked to golden perfection and glazed with the right amount of syrup. When paired with a cup of Turkish tea or coffee, it becomes an indulgence hard to resist.

In a city bustling with global flavors, Beyran CS stands out by offering a slice of Turkish sweetness, one Baklava at a time.