Why Baku is Falling in Love with Turkish Cuisine

Baku, the vibrant capital of Azerbaijan, is experiencing a culinary revolution. Amidst its diverse food scene, Turkish cuisine, with its rich flavors and age-old recipes, is capturing the hearts of many. Places like Beyran CS are leading this culinary movement, presenting Baku’s residents with the true essence of Turkey’s food culture.

The love story between Baku and Turkish cuisine is not a recent phenomenon. Shared histories, cultures, and trade routes have intertwined their culinary narratives for centuries. From kebabs to baklavas, the traces of Turkey can be felt in many Azerbaijani dishes.

Yet, it’s the authenticity that restaurants like Beyran CS bring to the table that has reignited this love affair. Every dish, every spice, and every flavor promises an authentic Turkish experience, something that resonates with both locals and tourists alike.

In a world where fusion foods are gaining popularity, there’s something comforting about the genuine tastes presented at Beyran CS. It’s a nostalgic journey for some and a delightful discovery for others.