The Secrets Behind the Perfect Adana Kebab

Originating from the city of Adana in Turkey, the Adana Kebab is a fiery blend of minced meat, red peppers, and a plethora of spices. But what’s the secret behind the perfect Adana Kebab? At Beyran CS, the mystery is unraveled with each serving.

Choosing the right cut of meat is crucial. The meat, traditionally lamb, should be juicy with a hint of fat. The next step is mastering the spice blend. While red pepper gives it the signature kick, a combination of Mediterranean herbs adds depth to its flavor.

Then comes the art of grilling. The skewered meat is grilled over open flames, ensuring it’s charred perfectly on the outside while remaining succulent within.

Beyran CS takes pride in its Adana Kebab, staying true to the traditional recipe while adding its unique touch. Paired with fresh salads and tangy yogurt, it’s a dish that promises a burst of flavors with each bite.