From Izmir to Baku: The Journey of Kumru

Kumru, a sandwich originating from Izmir in Turkey, is a delightful blend of ingredients placed inside a sesame-crusted bread. While its traditional version boasts sucuk (Turkish sausage), pastirma (cured beef), and cheese, there are countless variations to be explored.

Beyran CS has taken this Izmir gem and introduced it to the people of Baku. The restaurant ensures that the bread, the heart of any Kumru, is baked to perfection – crispy outside and soft inside.

The beauty of Kumru lies in its versatility, and at Beyran CS, diners can experience both traditional and innovative versions. Be it the spicy sucuk or the tender grilled vegetables; there’s a Kumru for every palate.

As Baku’s culinary scene continues to evolve, Beyran CS ensures that timeless classics like Kumru find their rightful place in the city’s gastronomic journey.