Beyran Soup: A Breakfast Delight from Turkey

Morning in the Turkish city of Gaziantep often begins with the comforting aroma and taste of Beyran soup. This lamb-based delicacy, with its rich broth and tender meat, is a breakfast favorite and a testament to Turkey’s diverse breakfast culture. At Beyran CS, Baku residents and visitors can savor this early morning treat.

Unlike other soups, Beyran is spiced with a mix of garlic and pepper, giving it a distinctive flavor. Often served with a side of pickled peppers and a squeeze of lemon, it’s a warm and hearty way to start the day. The essence of Beyran soup lies in its simplicity, and at Beyran CS, this essence is captured perfectly.

For those seeking a unique breakfast experience in Baku, Beyran CS offers a delightful Turkish twist. With each spoonful, diners are transported to the historic streets of Gaziantep, all while seated in the heart of Azerbaijan.