A Taste of Lahmacun: Turkey’s Delectable Pizza

Imagine a thin, crispy dough topped with a luscious mixture of minced meat, vegetables, and spices. This is Lahmacun, Turkey’s answer to pizza and a must-try delicacy. At Beyran CS, the Lahmacun experience is taken to new heights, merging tradition with contemporary flavors.

While it’s commonly referred to as “Turkish Pizza,” Lahmacun has its own unique identity. Originating from the southeastern regions of Turkey, it’s less about cheese and more about the rich meat topping, complemented by a squeeze of lemon and fresh greens. Rolling it up and biting into this symphony of flavors is a ritual many love.

In Baku, Beyran CS has introduced this delicacy, ensuring that the authenticity remains intact. Using fresh ingredients and traditional baking methods, each Lahmacun serves as a testament to Turkish culinary excellence.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned Lahmacun lover, Beyran CS promises a delightful treat. Paired with a side of Ayran, it’s a culinary journey straight to the heart of Turkey.